Happy dogs, happy owners

Free Dog Training Course

Kibbies has created this free course with a team of dog behavior experts to set you and your pup up for success!
Set up a comfortable home
Cover must-have training basics
Understand basic nutrition guidelines

About Us

Kibbies is a Public Benefit Corporation committed to supporting adopters, rescue shelters, and the adopted dogs. Our goal with this program is to decrease the amount of dogs that are surrendered back to shelters.

Why Free Training?

Basic training establishes mutual respect that we hope leads to healthy, long-lasting relationships between humans and their dogs. We think this foundation will increase the happiness of all involved!


We offer a continually growing library of articles, tools, and resources committed to promoting awareness of the commitment prospective dog owners are making and to supporting existing dog owners.


Our company produces a fresh, convenient, whole-foods based dog food with discounts available for those who have adopted their dogs. If our food is not the right fit for your dog, we want to help you find the best option on the market.